CSV Data Export

A key part of "Understanding Your Data About Yourself" is that it's your data. So, if you've used UYDAY and put a bunch of data into it, you should be able to get your data back out. Available under prefs is "Download data" which gives you a CSV export of your data which should be usable by many common tools like your favorite spreadsheet or scripting language.
It's not perfect yet. It only returns the most recent 1000 entries unless you manually edit the URL There are probably better formats than CSV. But, we hope this is a good start to showing our commitment to helping you manage your data.


Numeric Fields and Graphs

This post covers the standard Calorie and Weight fields, but you can configure UYDAY for whatever inputs you want.

After you've logged some data into numeric entry fields like Calories and Weight, tiny graphs will appear next to the entry field showing you recent data:

You can click these tiny graphs to show a full screen graph:

This expanded view shows the range of data values along the Y axis at the right edge, and the range of dates and times along the bottom. Click the X at the top left to close the graph and go back to the UYDAY data entry secreen.

The Calories field has a special graph mode that draws a bar for each day adding up the calories logged that day.

Custom numeric entry fields will appear as line graphs.

Is there some kind of data you want to log this doesn't work for? Graphs you want? Comment here or leave feedback in the UYDAY app.