How to configure custom fields

UYDAY supports adding custom fields for most things you might want to track. You can add a new custom general text field, numeric entry, duration action with a start and stop, or an instant event button. The buttons to create these new fields can be seen in the Preferences screen below the lists of active and unused fields:

 A new field starts out with a pretty generic name.

This can be changed with the blue "[edit]" link in the custom field box.

For this demo we'll create a "Meditate" action to record when you start and stop meditation sessions.

Click the "Done" button when done editing the field name.
The custom field can be dragged to any position in the list.
We're not quite done yet. There's a "Save" button just off the bottom of the field preferences panel that needs to be clicked. (Auto-save will be coming in the future! We're working on it.)
Ok, saved, done.

And back to the newly expanded home screen with the "Meditate" duration tracking field.

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