UYDAY.com launch fixes

Yesterday I announced UYDAY.com to friends on social media. I usually test on desktop Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on my Mac, and my Android phone. So of course there were bugs when using iOS Safari. I ran out and bought an old iPod Touch running iOS 6 (version 9 was just released) and I'm using that as a baseline now for iOS support. I posted a bunch of fixes for iOS Safari about an hour ago and now I think prefs and basic posting should work better. If there's any other bugs or feature requests I looking forward to hearing about it, either on the 'feedback' feature of the site, or email to 'feedback'.

There is a list of planned features, and probably the next things will be focusing on improving data display so that once you've entered lots of data there's more ways to get something out of it.


1 comment:

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